The Introduction

I am trying to return to the World Wide Web, and this site is part of that goal. This is the replacement for another previous site that i had before, a long time ago. My name is Umuhut Cem Nagasaki. I was born in Istanbul in 1993. I came to London with my parents somewhere around 1994, i am not sure exactly when. I have lived in London since. But i have been to several different countries for long holidays. This site will generally be about me, and other general topics, including gaming and travel. The things i like doing in life include gaming, listening to music, socializing and having a laugh with my mates, cycling, watching films etc. etc.

My Profile

Full Name: Umuhut Cem Nagasaki

Date and Place of Birth: 26th August 1993, Istanbul, Turkey

Eye Color: Hazel

Gender: Male

Ethnic Origin: Turkey-My parents were born and raised in Turkey, but moved to England when they were in their twenties. They took me with them, around a year after i was born in Istanbul. Ever since, me and my parents have lived in London. However, my mother went through phases of living in Turkey during some of the years. I was born in Turkey, even if i have lived in London my whole life, and have been to Turkey many times. Most of my family are still in Turkey.

Nationalities-I am a man of multiple nationalities, for certain reasons. Below are the countries, and the reasons why they are my nationalities.

England-England is the main one, because i have been residing in the City of London for my whole life and spent most of my life around English people.

Turkey-I was born in Turkey, and have spent a lot of my life around Turkish people, and have been to Turkey many times to stay there with my family for a long time before returning to England.

United States of America-Although i have never actually been to America, a lot of my life has been spent with American things, and i have American friends over the World Wide Web. I grew up with American things, and American culture, due to television, books, the World Wide Web, video games, Hollywood films and other media. A lot of the food i eats is also American. I have been all over America on Google Maps, including many of the major landmarks, places, locations and cities, for example, Los Angeles. I find America beautiful and pleasant, but at the same time, i am in fear of the nation’s darker sides, including shootings and other crime, and inequality caused by capitalism. But at the same time, i find it exciting, and want to be a Los Angeles Police Officer one day, fighting crime and getting in shootouts! Because of the excitement and adrenaline. I have a deep desire to experience real life combat and shootouts, because i have been doing it virtually for most of my life through video games, and watching it in films. Many of the video games that i play are American. On the World Wide Web, i have met and became close friends with many Americans through Facebook and the online PC gaming social network and PC games downloading client, Steam. I have spent many hours of my life online gaming with my American friends on Steam, as well as talking to them. They even helped me with online political activism. I have spent a lot of my life around American people through Steam, and the World Wide Web in general. On Steam, i have spent many hours of my life online gaming with other stranger Americans, as well as friends, on U.S. servers on my favorite video game, Counter Strike: Source.

Political Views: I am a slightly complicated person when it comes to political views. I used to believe in Democratic Socialism, and carried out online activism on the World Wide Web to spread my beliefs in leftist politics onto others. Years later, i converted to capitalism. On the present day, i am not sure which kind of politics i believe in, and am unclear on which politics is righteous.

Religion: Despite the fact that i was born in Turkey and have a Turkish family, i am not a Muslim, because i have been living in London my whole life, and my parents did not raise me as a Muslim, because they themselves, are not Muslims. I am not a part of any religion, but i believe in the philosophies and ideologies of Buddhism, such as enlightenment, happiness, inner peace and liberty, freedom and knowing the truth. In general, i have an interest in being happy and liberated in general, and am into those philosophies that delve into topics of perception and reality. The idea of general freedom and liberation appeals to me, and i despise poor health, delusion, depression, misery and forms of subliminal imprisonment. I despise things that take away an individual’s freedom. This is why i am into films like The Matrix and Fight Club, and video games like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Because those media products delve into philosophies of truth, liberation and perceptions. In The Matrix, Neo liberates himself and escapes from the fake world and computer generated reality, and into the real world, and the real life, where is actually awake and physically there, instead of sleeping somewhere while being jacked into a computer generated, fake world that tricks him into thinking that it is real, and he is physically there, when in fact, he is asleep and being projected digitally into this world while he sleeps. Neo wakes up and starts to live in the real world, with no tricks or being jacked into anything. It is the real world, and he is awake and actually, physically there. In Fight Club, men wage war against the oppression of ordinary life and escape from it, liberating themselves. They form underground bare knuckle boxing clubs. They even form their own terrorist organization, but this one does not actually kill anyone. They simply protest against society in destructive, but non-violent ways. In the video game, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, at the end it turns out that the entire world is secretly ran by a top secret, unknown organization called “The Patriots,” who are secretly controlling all the data in the world. Ironically, despite my worshipping of these ideologies and philosophies, i am actually not really a healthy person. And, in certain ways, i am the opposite of these ideologies. I suffer from certain delusions and mental problems. I am not that healthy, both physically and mentally. I am violent and aggressive, and i expose myself to too much violence, which pollutes my mind even more. I even actually watched a real snuff video of an extremely brutal and slow murder! Back in 2010, i went through a phase of depression and Depersonalization Disorder, and i was even contemplating committing suicide. But there is hope. Light at the end of the tunnel. It is not all doom and gloom. Because i have always, and still do, believe in those ideologies and philosophies. And i have actually spent many of the years of my life happy and liberated and healthy, both physically and mentally.

Hobbies, Passions and Obsessions: Gaming. Cinema. Music. Cycling. Travel. Food and catering. Socialization. English Football. Reading books and magazines. The World Wide Web.

Gaming-My first experiences with gaming are what introduced me to them, and got me into them. These first experiences were playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System at my auntie’s house. Playing Playstation One games at my friends house. Playing the original Prince of Persia at my father’s office, on the computer. And of course, playing Project I.G.I. I’m Goin’ in, Midtown Madness and Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 on my computer at home. At the beginning of 2001, my father bought me the then new Sony Playstation Two. It was the first home video games console that i ever owned. It was the step into the new era of gaming. I grew up with the PS2, and it is the platform i played the most on in my life, along with Steam. The first games i played on the PS2 was Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, Tekken Tag Tournament, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, and of course, Grand Theft Auto 3. I never really got into Crash Bandicoot, but my interest in Gran Turismo, Tekken and Grand Theft Auto continued throughout the years. I still used to play Tekken 6 against my friends when i was a teenager, and i am still a fan of Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto to this day. GTA is one of my favorite game series. A lot of the GTA games are amongst my favorite video games. I grew up with them, and they are one of the games i played the most throughout my gaming life. Obviously, it all started with GTA 3, way back in 2001. My father went out and bought a copy of GTA 3 and brought it home to us. He started to play it in front of us. It was my first time in my life being exposed to intense violence in the media. I liked it immediately, and it entertained me. I was excited to play the game myself, but could not, because my father hated the game immediately due to it’s explicit content and violence, and banned the game from the household. In 2003, my mother kicked my father out of the flat, and my parents got divorced. Our father no longer lived with us, so there was no longer anyone around to stop me from playing GTA 3. My mother used to let me play it. Some time after the divorce, she went out and bought a copy of the game for me. For a long time after that, i would spend a lot of hours playing the game at home. As i said, i adore the GTA games. In my life, i have gone on to play most of the games in the GTA series. I would say that i am a gamer. As i already mentioned in this profile, i have spent many hours of my life playing video games. I like a lot of different kinds of games. In the year 2009, i first started to get into online gaming. It all started with a copy of the video games compilation, The Orange Box. I think that everyone can agree that it is one of the best games compilations out there. My auntie bought me a copy. When i went home and installed it, it turned out that to install the games, an internet connection was required, and you had to have an account with Steam. This was the start of my life in online gaming, and meeting Americans on Steam. It all started when i connected to the internet and created my Steam account to play the games on The Orange Box. In my life, i have gone on to do a lot of online gaming, as i already mentioned. Below is a list of my top video games, ranked from best to worst from top to bottom

Counter Strike: Source

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: World at War

Left 4 Dead 2

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto IV

Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

PES 2021 Season Update

Gran Turismo 5

Tom Clancy’s Splintercell: Chaos Theory

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Tekken 6

Street Fighter 4

Tekken Tag Tournament

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Cinema-I am also obsessed with films. Below is a list of my top films, ranked best to worst from top to bottom….

The Shawshank Redemption


Saving Private Ryan

Hard Boiled

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

American Gangster


True Romance

Pulp Fiction


Fight Club

Reservoir Dogs

Jurassic Park

No Country for Old Men


Rambo First Blood

The Matrix

Die Hard

Point Break



Beverly Hills Cop

American History X

Another 48 Hours

48 Hours


Music-I also have a deep interest in music. I love all kinds of music, including trance and night club music. I love the music from the eighties. My favorite music from the eighties comes from all the different kinds of music, such as Rock, Heavy Metal, emotional and uplifting Power Ballard’s, pop etc. etc. I also love a lot of music that is not from the eighties, including Hip Hop. Eminem is my favorite rapper. I am also into 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, NWA, Snoop Dogg, 2pac etc. etc.

Cycling-I enjoy cycling. I have done a lot of cycling in my life. Once, i cycled from Central London to North London. One time, when i was cycling in Turkey, i tried to jump a drop in the ground, but i was not fast enough, and i simply just fell off the bike, and onto the concrete ground. My face hit the ground, and for a long time after that, i had ugly scars all over my face.

Travel-As i already mentioned, i have been to Turkey many times. When i go to Turkey, i usually stay for quite a while, and i stay there with my family. In Turkey, i have been to Izmir, Edirne, Malkara, Tekirdag, and of course, Istanbul. Some of the most joyful and happy experiences in my life happened in Turkey, and it is not just because of being with friends and family. In Izmir, i went swimming at a beautiful, tropical beach. I went to fancy food joints. Below is a list of all the countries that i have been to….










In Wales, i stayed at a horse riding camp. I hated it, and was glad to leave and go back home, in the end. I do not really enjoy riding around on horses. At one point, i was even shoveling horse poo! The other teenagers that i was staying there with were from the rougher parts of London, and were as violent and vulgar as they come. At one point, when we were all eating in the dining area, two of them got into a physical fight that was fairly brutal, and hard punches were thrown.

In Scotland, i went to a water park.

I do not remember France, because i was only a baby when i was in France.

I was only in Switzerland to transfer onto another plane from the airport. However, a few times, i saw the beautiful Swiss Alps when in a plane flying over it.

Like Switzerland, i was only in Austria for a plane transfer. But this time, i ventured out of the airport and into Vienna for a few hours before getting on the next plane. I went to a posh restaurant. I walked around the city a little, taking pictures and recording videos with my camera.

In Croatia, i stayed at an apartment for a few weeks with my father, my step mother, and my two younger brothers. It was lovely. We were in the Mediterranean part, so it was quite hot and tropical. We went swimming in the sea. We went to fancy seaside restaurants. It was a truly beautiful place. And the women were stunning!

In Kurdistan, i stayed at another apartment with members of my family. Kurdistan’s scenery was absolutely breathtaking. There were a lot of mountains. I even played soccer for a team when i was over there. I ate at fancy, beautiful riverside resteraunts with my family members. Once when i was over there, i went kayaking in a river with friends and family. It went wrong. We capsized! The current was strong, but all of us managed to reach safety at the shore.

In Tunisia, i stayed with my mother and younger brother at a five star hotel.

Food and Catering-I love food, and i am a decent chef. I even finished and passed a catering and hospitality college course.

Socialization-I enjoy talking to, hanging out with and doing things with friend and family. A lot of my socializing was with the Americans on Steam, but i did a lot with friends and classmates from the schools i went to. I have visited some of my friends at their own homes, and had sleepovers.

English Football-Soccer is another one of my almost lifelong passions. I am a decent player. I used to follow and support Manchester United, but decided to convert to Arsenal when i realized that i am from London, not from Manchester. I also love to play soccer virtually on the Pro Evolution Soccer video games. In real life, i used to play for my school team.

Reading Books and Magazines-I also do a lot of reading. I read and collect magazines about my interests, such as Empire, and The Official Playstation Magazine UK. My favorite author is the ex soldier, Andy Mcnab. I will talk about Andy Mcnab in another post on this blog. My favorite novel series is by him…the series about the soldier and espionage man, Nick Stone. I mostly like books about military, war and espionage.

The World Wide Web-My involvements with the World Wide Web have already been mentioned throughout this profile.

My characteristics and personality

I am a rather complicated person, for reasons that have already been explained in this profile. I am violent and aggressive, and have temper issues. However, i do go through my phases of happiness and normality, and i am harmonious with tropicana and sunshine. I tend to get obsessed with things. I am also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and it definitely shows in my personality and behavior.

The Example Posts were not my Posts

I apologize to everyone and anyone who visited my blog and wondered what the example posts were doing on there. I just need to say that these are not my posts. They were the example posts that are on the site when you first make the site. I just kept forgetting to delete them. Anyway, i have deleted them now, and now the only posts on my site are my own. Again, i apologize to anyone and everyone who went on my site and wondered why those example posts were on there.

Review of Video Game: Deus Ex

Original Release Date: June 2000/Publisher: Eidos Interactive/Developer: Ion Storm/Genre: Sci-fi FPS RPG Strategy Hybrid/Multiplayer: Yes/Global Meta Rating of Age: Mature/Content: Intense, very bloody violence/Platforms: Steam. PC/How to Obtain and Prices: Digital download from the Steam Store. CEX stores in the UK. Amazon. Ebay/

At a Glance

Carry out espionage missions for UNATCO in miniature open worlds that the player can deeply interact with and choose from different ways to go about the objectives in this RPG FPS Strategy hybrid.


The world is suffering from a global pandemic. People are sick and dying. A war is raging between UNATCO and the NSF terrorists.


The story keeps the player engaged, and throws a lot of twists and surprises. It is quite a grand story. There is a grand scale to it. There is a global pandemic, and a war. It is a good sci-fi story, about sci-fi things. It is epic.


Why is this game so beloved? Why is it one of MY favorite games? Why is it considered a classic, worldwide? Why do people always reinstall it? Well, i will explain….it is all because of the way the game excels in two areas, the sci-fi tone, atmosphere, settings and overall cyber-punk feel, and the actual gameplay. I will write about what makes both areas special in this review. So…let us begin! The settings are fascinating, and have that edgy cyber-punk look and feel to them. There is a true sense of place and atmosphere. You really get this weird and wonderful futuristic world.

So what about the gameplay? What makes it so special? It is the way that certain, brilliant gameplay elements combine to make a uniquely enjoyable video game. The open ended levels are miniature open worlds that the player can interact with deeply. Items can be found and stored in the inventory. NPCs can be talked with etc. etc. The items that the player can find, can be stored in the inventory, but the player must be strategic, because the inventory can only hold a limited amount of items. Different items serve different purposes, for example, a gun is for shooting people, a multi-tool is for getting past locked doors, and even a candy bar can restore health points, so the player must prioritize in choosing what items to keep in the inventory.

Deus Ex is a game about choice and freedom. In the open ended levels that are miniature open worlds, the player can choose his or her own way of how to accomplish his or her levels, tasks, goals and objectives. The way that the player interacts with the environment and picks what items to use and store in the inventory. The way that the player can pick his or her playing style in order to complete a level.

The game’s first level is a prime example of these gameplay elements. You are in a large open area surrounding the statue of liberty, but in this area are many other buildings and other things to see, do and discover. And other tasks and objectives. The choice and freedom is there. What playing styles will YOU use to go about the level? Will you be stealthy, and go sneaking around, using the shadows and taking out enemy guards with your knife? Or will you just take your gun out and run to your objectives, shooting anyone who gets in your way? Do you infiltrate the enemy installation, in the Statue of Liberty, more difficultly from the main entrance, guarded by enemy mechs and other electronic security? Or do you go for the more stealthy, easier option of sneaking past the guards and climbing the boxes to get in through the alternative entrance?

Deus Ex is a satisfyingly violent video game. It is bloody, and the player can hit people with crowbars, stab them with the knife and shoot them.


The visuals are the game’s weak point. Although the futuristic, cyber punk environments are amazing, the actual graphics and textures look rather ugly.


Sound design is decent, and the music in this game is just so haunting and atmospheric, and adds to the game’s sci-fi feel and atmosphere.


I did not bother playing the online multiplayer too much, because i found it rubbish and boring, and the servers and service and reliability are poor.


You can always return to the game to try different things, and complete levels in different ways and use different gameplay strategies.

Good Points

-Freedom and choice

-Open ended levels

-The thinking man’s game

-Bloody, intense violence

-interactivity with the environments

-Great sci-fi feel and atmosphere

-Superb music

Bad Points

-Graphics and textures could be better

Synopsis-Engaging and grand sci-fi story

Gameplay-Freedom, choice and strategy in miniature open worlds

Visuals-Amazing, unforgettable environments, but the actual textures and graphics could be better

Audio-Amazing music and overall sound design

Multiplayer-A boring and worthless after thought

Lifespan-Heaps of replay value. The player can always reinstall to try different things in the open ended levels


Absolutely fantastic! One of my favorite video games! Great and enjoyable in so many ways. Unique, creative and original. A game that is indeed the player’s game, with so much choice and freedom in open ended levels that are miniature open worlds.

10/10 Exceptional!!

World War Two

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. He fought as a soldier in World War One. He always believed in fascism and had a hatred for many different kinds of people, for example, Jewish people and homo sexuals. Eventually, Hitler became a powerful politician and activist. Many people actually believed in his sick and twisted, fascist ideas, and he was worshipped. Hitler was also one of the leaders of the Third Reich, the powerful fascist Nazi state. The Third Reich was the main Axis power in the Second World War.

World War Two started in 1939, and ended in 1945. World War Two was a war between the Allied powers and the Axis powers. The Axis powers were fighting for the world to be ruled by fascism. The Allied powers were fighting for freedom. Many different countries and military organizations fought for both sides. The main two Allied powers was the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The main two Axis powers was the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan.

The war started when the the army of Germany’s Third Reich invaded and occupied Poland. This was Hitler’s first move in his insane yet grand goal, conquer Europe and the Soviet Union, and eventually the world.

The USA first entered the war to retaliate against the Empire of Japan for the attack of Pearl Harbor. The conflict between the Americans and Japanese started. This was a long and horrible conflict. The combat was bloody, intense and horrific. American soldiers would cook Japanese soldiers alive with their flamethrowers. American soldiers would fight the Japanese using their island hopping strategy, where they carry out operations against the Japanese by hopping from island to island. This conflict happened in the Far East, around Japan. It is known quite commonly as “The Pacific War.”

At one point, the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, wiping out most of the city and it’s life. It is a horrible and devastating event of our planet’s history, on a huge scale. The question is, is it a necessary evil to fight fascism? Who knows!

Ultimately, in World War Two, the Axis powers lost, including the Japanese. In the end, the Americans defeated the Japanese.

The conflict between the Americans and Japanese started when planes from the Japanese military launched an attack against U.S. Military ships on the ocean somewhere near Japan. This was the attack of Pearl Harbor. It is a huge event in the history of our planet. It is one of the biggest military attacks that ever happened. It is a grand attack, on a huge scale.

Adolf Hitler’s goal to conquer the world failed in the end. As i said, the Axis powers lost. A lot of it is down to the fact that, in the end, Hitler could not defend all the territories that he captured and occupied. As well as the Japanese, the Americans were also fighting the Germans in World War Two. However, ultimately, it was the Soviet Union that fought and defeated the Germans, but the Americans were a huge help in the war against fascism. At first, some time after the invasion of Poland, the Third Reich invaded and occupied France. They also invaded the Soviet Union territories. But all this land conquering did not succeed, in the end. The Axis powers lost, after all. The Germans were defeated by the Allied powers that fought them in retaliation for the territories that the Germans took over. For example, France. Some time after the occupation of France, it was liberated by the Americans, who fought the Germans in France, to do so. The Americans carried out many military operations in France in order to liberate the country from the Germans. One of the main, biggest and most important ones was Operation Overlord. Operation Overlord was a major operation on an absolutely huge scale. It remains to this day one of the biggest military operations ever carried out, especially in terms of sheer scale. It was one of the first actions in the struggle to liberate France. The Germans had coastal defenses all along France’s north west line. Operation Overlord was a plan to fight and break through these defenses, and drop soldiers further into France from planes flying over. Operation Overlord was a complete success, but many Americans were killed and wounded and decapitated while fighting as part of this operation. Soldiers from the U.S. 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division were to be dropped by C-47 planes into France to fight and carry out operations against the Germans, while American soldiers from other American military outfits and divisions were to land on the coastal beaches on that north west line and fight through the fascist’s defenses. They managed to break through, and the airborne troops also succeeded, and France was liberated. But it was at a huge cost, as i already said. Many Americans died, got wounded and/or decapitated. All this was Operation Overlord. Many other military operations were also carried out in France in order to liberate the country from the Germans. It is difficult to remember from my own research, but if my memory is correct, i think more of the operations were a success, and less were failures. However, i think that Operation Market Garden was a disaster. Actually, i am pretty sure it was because i heard it from a historically accurate World War Two video game called Medal of Honor Frontline, a decent shooter that i recommend to gamers. My research and knowledge of the Second World War mostly comes from books, and the World Wide Web, however, a lot of it also comes from World War Two shooting video games.

In the fight for the liberation of France in general, the Americans did most of the work, but the British and Canadians also had a huge involvement. Their troops also mobilized in the country to fight the Nazis. A lot of the combat in France was bitter and intense, frightening combat in fields, hedgegrows and villages. The beautiful country was being polluted with conflict. A lot of the fighting was also in towns and cities. We’re talking intense, bitter, highly dangerous and terrifying combat here. The Allied troops from Canada, America and Great Britain worked together to fight the fascists and liberate the country. They had to fight there way through the country and advance through to the last enemy line in order to liberate France in the end. Of course, the last enemy line was Paris. The Allied troops liberated Paris, and all of France. It was a glorious, relieving and happy time. The misery was over. All the people, apart from the Germans, obviously, were filled with joy and happiness, glad that the horrible and difficult life under the rule of fascism was over. It had been an ugly occupation. The Germans used to treat the French people with abuse, cruelty, and an ugly lack of respect. The Germans hated the Jewish people especially, and viewed them as lesser people, that needed to be wiped out. In World War Two, the innocent civilians of the territories that the Germans invaded and occupied, were mostly treated with a lack of respect and value. They were treated with violence and cruelty, especially Jewish people. The Germans have a passionate hatred for the Jewish and other certain types of people. They find them repulsive, and not even worthy of living. They do not value them, and do not care about them. Throughout the war, the Germans carried out special operations against the Jewish and others of the types of people that they despise. They were pure campaigns of death, destruction, killing, and eradication and cruelty. One of the worst and most infamous ones was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was when the Germans set about killing millions of Jewish people. The Nazis had many death camps where they kept Jewish people. They would enslave them, and force them into extremely hard and intense labor. They were mistreated heavily. They were starved. The Nazis used to simply execute many of them in cold blood. So many of them used to be killed by the fascists, and the Holocaust was when they killed the most of them. In fact, in the Second World War, the Axis powers, in general, treated the non-combatants with great cruelty and violence. And just like the Germans, they would kill a lot of them too. One of the outcomes of the end of World War Two was that many of the leaders, politicians and generals of the military Axis organizations that carried out these horrendous acts, were prosecuted, imprisoned and/or executed by authorities for allowing these acts to occur, or even for ordering them. They are war crimes after all.

Funnily enough, during the Second World War, many people in the Third Reich High Command, hated Adolf Hitler. Hitler even once survived an assassination attempt by one of his own people!

The main states that fought and defeated the Nazis was the U.S., and of course, the Soviet Union. After the Germans invaded the communist territories, the communists fought back, and then wiped them from the face of the Earth! Communist soldiers of the Soviet Union fought their way all the way through from the east, all the way to Germany, and Berlin. Of course, Germany and it’s capital, Berlin, was the heart of Nazi territory. The communists fought their way through Germany and into Berlin, and they also launched huge bombing campaigns against the city. In fact, they bombed the city heavily, and most of the city was in ruins by the end of it. At these points, the Germans were now on the defensive. And they failed, miserably. The communists fought through Berlin, and launched an attack on the Reichstag, the HQ building of the Third Reich. Meanwhile, the Americans were helping too, and were launching attacks through Germany and Berlin after advancing after the liberation of France. But it was the communists that attacked the Reichstag and took it over, wiping out fascism and ending the war. They launched their first attack, and fought their way through the German defenses, and into the HQ. The Germans were making their last stands. The Russians fought through, and eradicated them! They fought off the last of them, before reaching the roof and replacing the Nazi flag of fascism with a communist Soviet Union flag. This defeat marked the beginning of the Cold War, when the world was divided between East and West, with the wall dividing East and West in the middle of Berlin, known as “The Berlin Wall.” Of course, this wall came down some time in the early nineties, and communism and the Soviet Union collapsed, ironically, like the fascist Germans. Funnily enough, the collapse of communism was not down to a conflict, or an intervening military power, but it was in fact, down to the common people! They protested and united together to become a force powerful enough to end communism, and they took the wall down together. This outcome was not good for everyone. In fact, lives were ruined, and people suffered when communism faded away. Especially on the eastern Bloc. Ever since the collapse of communism, the Eastern Bloc was the name of the lands in Eastern Europe and Western Russia, and of course, Moscow. The Eastern Bloc suffered from the collapse of communism, and still does to this day. Crime became able to flourish. I am talking major, high end organized crime, including mafias. Many crime syndicates were formed, and are still operating to this day. Narcotics and poverty also flourished.

In the closing stages of the Second World War, Hitler committed suicide with his family.

When Allied troops were assaulting Nazi-occupied France as part of Operation Overlord, there were the different beaches on the north west line that they assaulted. There was Omaha Beach, Sword Beach, Juno Beach and Utah Beach. There may have been more, i do not remember. The Americans assaulted Omaha and Utah. The Canadians assaulted Juno. The British assaulted Sword. Resistance was met at all beaches. But the worst one was Omaha. Omaha was the most difficult one to secure and break through the defenses. The Americans encountered savage resistance, and the Germans seemed to be defending Omaha better that the other beaches. In fact, the assault of Omaha Beach was the act of Operation Overlord that probably the most Allied soldiers died in, as well as wounded and/or decapitated. It was intense and horrific. I have listened to many veterans accounts of Omaha Beach, and all of them are gruesome. I remember one veteran saying that they were hit with intense fire as soon as they left the boat and advanced onto the beach. I watched Saving Private Ryan, the greatest war movie ever made, in my opinion, and it’s opening thirty minutes is a depiction of the battle of Omaha Beach. It is the most realistic one, and showed me how horrible the battle was. Of course, the things that happened in that film actually happened in World War Two. Explosions decapitated American soldiers. So many were killed. An American soldier is looking for his arm that he lost etc. etc.

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs


This is a true story. These events actually happened. It is real. This is one of the most horrible, most disturbing, most violent things i have ever come across in my entire life. So, before you read this, listen to my warning…you may not want to read this. It can be very upsetting, violent and disturbing. This is about when three young lads in Ukraine went on a killing spree that could not be more brutal in the summer of 2007. This will delve into the entire case in general and go over all the facts and details and explain what happened, exactly. This is an infamous case that is known around the world, partly because one of the murders was recorded and somehow the video leaked to the internet. I warn all readers to not look up that video and watch it. I was unlucky enough to watch it and it is one of the most horrible things i have ever seen!

The Case

The three young lads are Igor Suprunyuck, Victor Sayenko and Alexandra Hanzha. They had been close friends for a long time, although i heard in my research that Alexandra was not so bad, but he was being pressured, bullied and threatened into doing these bad things by Igor and Victor. The thing about this case that really gets to me, is how bizarre it is. It is difficult to establish motives for the brutal murders. Igor and Victor seemed so normal before they committed the murders. Nothing seemed to be wrong with them. However, there were SOME signs. They did seem to have some sort of an interest in violence, murders and gore. In my research, i watched a video on Youtube where the guy said that Igor and Victor, before going on the killing spree, had an interest in these kinds of things, and they were looking at graphic and gory videos on certain websites on the internet of people actually killing people in horrible ways, including murders and attacks linked to organized crime, narcotics and cartels. Also, Igor had been fixated with fascism, Hitler and Nazism. Igor and Victor decided to get rid of their fears and phobias together. They had a fear of heights, so they used to go to the top of a tower block, and lean over the railings on the balcony for hours until their fear of heights went completely. Before they started killing people, Igor and Victor were killing animals. It started when Igor suggested they do it to get rid of their blood phobias. Alexandra would take pictures of Igor and Victor posing by the dead animals that they killed. After killing animals, they moved onto people. Their first victim was a lady, i cannot remember her name. She was returning home from visiting her friend, when they attacked her. I will not describe how Igor and Victor actually killed their victims, but i will just say that it is of maximum violence and brutality, and done with construction tools, like hammers and screwdrivers. The first victim’s mother found her corpse after she went looking for her after realizing that she did not return home. Immediately after killing this lady, they went on to kill someone else in a nearby park. A homeless man. They killed him as he was sleeping on a park bench. They killed this man in the same way that they killed the lady. One thing i will point out is that these killers DID have an MO, and they killed their victims in similar ways. Igor and Victor went on to kill many people. I do not remember exactly how many, but it was a lot! And all in such a short time, during the summer of 2007, in and around Dnepropetrovsk, in Ukraine.

One of their victims was a teenage boy. His friend was with him at the time. The friend managed to survive and get away. He went to the police and at first, the police thought that it was him that killed his friend! They beat him up quite badly. However, after further investigation, the police established that it was not him.

Igor, Victor and Alexandra were eventually caught and prosecuted. They had recorded one of their murders with a phone. The video was found when they bought the phone to a pawn shop and the person working in the shop saw the video. The police got the video. This was the evidence that led to their arrest and prosecution. There was a long trial. It was difficult to establish a motive for the killings. In my research, i heard that the killers intended to get rich from the murders by recording them and selling them to someone on the internet for huge amounts of money. The video of the murder was used as evidence in the trial. It was deemed enough, and the three killers were sent to prison. Igor and Victor got life sentences for murder and animal cruelty. It was determined that Alexandra, although took pictures and video recordings, did not actually take part in the murders, but WAS sent to prison for a much shorter time for robbery. Igor’s father even tried to prevent his son from going to prison by putting across a theory that the video was a fake, and that the police had an agenda, and were fabricating fake evidence against Igor.

The video from the recorded murder was somehow leaked to the World Wide Web. To this day, the video continues to pollute the world. The video is illegal, but it is very difficult to control it’s spread on the internet. The video is available to see on many shock and gore websites. I repeat my warning to my readers to not watch it. I am unlucky enough to have seen it, and it truly disturbs me. The victim in the video is Sergei Yatzenko. He was murdered somewhere in the forest.

So where are Igor and Victor now? What happened to them? Are they still in prison? Well, i do not know much. I have heard different things. I have heard that they are suffering in prison. Yet, i have also heard that they are actually fine and being treated well in prison. The latter may be true for Igor because his father may be helping him, and his father is a powerful and wealthy man, who actually used to work for the president of Ukraine. In fact, for the same reasons, Igor may actually be out of prison now. Igor’s father may even be helping Victor as well. I, personally, find it disgusting that these evil individuals are maybe not being punished for what they have done. I think that they deserve to suffer, just like how they made all their victims suffer.

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